Copyright Infringement

“I look at my photography like this. When I make an image it belongs to me. It belongs to me while I take the photo. It belongs to me while it sits in my camera. It belongs to me while I process it on my Mac. It belongs to me while I let it sit in an archive folder waiting to be uploaded to the internet.

Then I upload it to the internet and it’s like I’m taking a bird and opening my window and letting it go. Off she goes. Her song to be enjoyed by the entire world — certainly no longer mine.”

Thomas Hawk

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One Response to Copyright Infringement

  1. G. Parker says:

    Isn’t that called public domain? Kind of like the photo in a newspaper? People copy those all the time…copywrite stuff drives me crazy. I’m not trying to make money off of anything, but I can see wanting to make a living at something…

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