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The Nook is Dead, Right?

Kindle sales are booming. The iPad is magical, everybody wants one. That means Barnes & Noble and their Nook are dead, right? Not so fast, says Wired magazine. Nook sales are up, and B&N still sells more hardbacks and paperbacks … Continue reading

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E-book Outselling Print Book?

A new book out from HarperCollins is selling more copies of their e-book than they are of their print book. Is this a big deal? I think so. I think this shows the viral potential of digital books. You read … Continue reading

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Latest E-book News

Kindle’s biggest flaw? Can’t check out library books. Kindle called “Best Kindle yet” by PC World. Cnet also likes the Kindle. “The third-generation Kindle’s winning combination of noteworthy upgrades–an improved screen, better battery life, lighter weight, and lower price–vaults it … Continue reading

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Ads in Books

I’ve noticed that in following the news around e-books, topics seem to come in waves. For example, this week I’ve found several articles written about ads in books. Most have been negative. By a happy coincidence, I had an post … Continue reading

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The Present

I remember getting presents as a young boy—at Christmas, on my birthday. . .presents were an exciting part of my childhood. The best part about presents was not opening them. No, the best part was waiting to open them. The … Continue reading

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More Reading?

A recent study is claiming that people who buy an e-reader end up reading more than they did before purchasing the device. In fact, 40% report they read more, 58% say they read about the same, leaving 2 percent saying … Continue reading

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E-books on Campuses

It must be that back-to-school season because I’m seeing more and more articles on e-book readers on campuses. This is a great article on the benefits and drawbacks of taking your e-reader instead of textbooks. It shows we’ve still got … Continue reading

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Seth Godin on E-books

I’ve followed Seth Godin for over a year. Often when I’m studying different topics, I like to find a person who really seems to ‘get it’. Often these types of people know their stuff, their predictions are usually spot on, … Continue reading

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Shunning E-books

Whenever new technology comes along, a couple of things can happen. The new technology might look good on paper, and may honestly be a good thing, but people just don’t buy adopt (think betamax).  The other thing that can happen … Continue reading

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Audio Rights

Last year the Authors’ Guild threw a fit when they realized that the Kindle could read books to you. These rights are different than print rights, and they demanded Kindle to turn off this ability. Today, the iPad does the … Continue reading

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