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Very Slick

Okay, I guess I could have put this in the “latest news” section, but as an old school nerd, I felt it warranted a post all by it self. Check this out. That’s right. You go to on your … Continue reading

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Latest News

Several articles on Barnes & Noble’s new self-publishing platform called PutIt. B&N is following Amazon’s lead by giving 65% (Amazon is 70) to publishers/authors who self-publish through them, as long as the price is $2.99 and higher. This new service … Continue reading

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The Inevitable Shift?

I came across a very interesting article a few days ago over at Forbes. I have never self-published anything, but I’ve toyed around with the idea. Part of the idea of self-publishing appeals to me. You’re in the drivers seat … Continue reading

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Impulse Buying

Thursday morning, I attended and presented at UVU’s Book Academy. It was a good day¬† visiting with friends, talking with other writers, and finding out the state of the publishing industry here in Utah. After lunch, the authors signed copies … Continue reading

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Latest News

More e-readers enter the market. Can they topple Kindle, Apple, and the Nook? Are children more willing/likely to pick up an e-book when compared to their adult counterparts? Looks like that may be the case. Seems to be conflicting reports. … Continue reading

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Getting books on your Kindle

After using the Kindle for a week, I wanted to talk briefly about how you get books on your Kindle. There are several methods, and all of them are ¬†straightforward. The first way is to go to Amazon’s site, buy … Continue reading

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