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Statistics from an 8 mile run

Number of runners/walkers/bikers I saw – 51Number of dogs I saw- 8Number of dogs I saw making a doo doo – 2Number of owners I saw cleaning up after their dogs – 0 THE JORDAN RIVER PARKWAY IS NOT YOUR … Continue reading

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E-book Platforms

I’m admitting up front that I’ve never published or sold an e-book. I’m hoping to soon, but as of now I can only describe what the process looks like from the the outside looking in. That being said, I’m a little … Continue reading

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Barnes & Noble & Self-Publishing

It appears that Barnes & Noble is about to enter the self-publishing world. This summer B&N will be launching PubIt, a service that will allow anybody to upload their work, convert it to the ePub format, and sell digital copies through B&N … Continue reading

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More examples of new models…

Good writeup in the San Franciso Chronicle today about new models emerging in the publishing industry. The ‘open model’ is in there, as demonstrated by Seth Harwood. “The model of agents and publishers as gatekeepers just isn’t working anymore,” says … Continue reading

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Technology overload

I just realized that we have six computers in our house. That isn’t counting the Wii, my Android phone, etc., it’s just the traditional computers. Here are some stats: Laptops – 3Desktops – 3Windows XP – 2Windows 7 – 2Ubuntu … Continue reading

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E-book Revolution

Great article over at Wall Street Journal on how e-books are shaking things up. These are interesting times in the publishing world, and authors should be celebrating. We’ve been waiting ten years for the digital revolution to finally hit our industry, and … Continue reading

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I ran my first 5k of the season. The picture of me to the right is not the picture of the race today. But I like the picture, and it’s of me running, so I’m posting it so those of … Continue reading

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Publishing Industry

I told you yesterday you should be reading Joe Konrath’s blog. Today he answers a few questions and one in particular jumped out at me. From his blog: “Q: You seem to really be down on print publishers lately. “A: … Continue reading

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People You Should Watch

This blog is about emerging models in the publishing industry. I’d like to showcase a few people who are actually using some of these models. If you are interested in using some of these models in your own writing career, … Continue reading

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An Example

I’m always on the lookout for new and emerging models, and I’ve found a good one. This example isn’t in the publishing world but there are many similarities between books and video games. With video games you may have a … Continue reading

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