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E-book Sales at Amazon

Lots of news around the new Kindle. Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon gave an interview to USA Today. He explains why he doesn’t add a touch screen, why he’s not too keen on adding multimedia to books, and more. What … Continue reading

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iPad Overheating

Looks like a few people are unhappy with their iPAd. When read in direct sunlight, the iPad can overheat, prompting a message that says users should turn off their device and let it cool down. Seems simple enough, right? Well, … Continue reading

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Don’t Panic

Great post by Seth Godin on the panicked print industry. I especially like this bit: “It’s paper that makes the economics of the newspaper industry work (or not work). It’s paper that creates cost and slows things down and generates … Continue reading

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New Kindle

On the same day that the Kindle sells out, Amazon announces the next-generation Kindle. And it’s significantly improved from the previous version. The new kindle is lighter, faster, and smaller, all while being able to hold more books than the … Continue reading

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Publishers and Authors

Publishers like to tell us they only have their author’s best interest in mind, but we know at the end of the day, they are a company, and have to make decisions to make sure they stay in business. We … Continue reading

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Kindle Sold Out?

Wonder why Amazon only dropped the price of their Kindle to $189? Why not $99 and really put the heat on Barnes & Noble and Apple? Because they can’t keep it on the shelves even at the $189┬áprice. Amazon reported … Continue reading

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Google Editions

I’ve come across probably the best writeup of what Google Editions is, and how it will affect the e-book market. I think perhaps most interesting is how Google Editions is courting the independent bookseller to assist them in making their … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to Literary Agents

Dear Literary Agents, E-books. That tiny hyphenated word is striking fear and glee into the hearts of publishers and authors around the world. People in the industry are scrambling to try to figure out how to adjust to the emerging … Continue reading

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Funny story. In my second book, Bullies in the Headlights, I reference a church song in which the words have been changed. Here are the original words: I have two little hands folded snugly and tight,They are tiny and weak … Continue reading

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Latest News

One blogger’s opinion on why the Kindle will beat out the Nook. The article has some good insight. One of several articles reporting that Amazon is selling more e-books than hardcover. This article also had this interesting stat, hinting that … Continue reading

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