Book Signing

I just did a book signing at the Ogden Standard Examiner on Saturday, and should have mentioned it here. I don’t do too many signings anymore. I’m more likely to do a book club or elementary school visit. And those are a lot of fun. But I am doing a second book signing. The Book Table, right here in Logan Utah, has a midnight madness sale this Friday from 7:00 to midnight. Should be fun. I think they usually have a dozen or more authors, all in one place, so feel free to drop on by!

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  1. Tatiana says:

    If I would’ve know you’d been at the book table, I totally would’ve stopped by! I visit your blog every once in a while when I see the link on Kami’s page, I don’t go there often b/c she never updates. But I thought I’d drop a note. Hope everything is going well. Have a very Merry Christmas in the cold Cache Valley.

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