I haven’t the skin for it…

So I write for a small blog that is owned by a guy who is the brother of a person I work for. I wrote a post the other day, and thought little of it (by the way, the title isn’t mine). It is just some of my thoughts about tying information to location. I always post the same stuff here, just a few days later. Again, it’s just a little blog post. Nothing fancy.

The next thing I know the article is on the front page of slashdot. Then it hits Digg’s front page. Then it gets techmeme’d and is on the front page of del.icio.us. It’s been read about 30,000 times.

I’d be feeling good if it wasn’t for all the negative comments about my spelling prowess. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m no editor. Which is too bad. But I think it does show that the idea is a keen one, and people are interested in the concept.

My only regret is that I should have written this article after we had built some kind of prototype that allows people to do exactly what I was describing. I think if it done so that it’s easy for the end user, a lot of really cool applications will be ‘thunk up’ up by the internet community at large.

I’m sorry if I misspelled thunk up.

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6 Responses to I haven’t the skin for it…

  1. G. Parker says:

    And you’re thinking ‘Man! Where’s my spell checker???’ LOL I couldn’t find the article you wrote, but sounds like you must have hit the spot somewhere.

  2. Bob C. says:

    It’s been read about 40,000 times now…

    And I’d like to go on record as being responsible for the title; I think it helped create the initial buzz.

    I should also go on record as being the crappy editor… :-)

  3. Nanette says:

    What did you write about??

  4. Anne Bradshaw says:

    Good for you, Matthew! Way to go! Wish my blog was read by 40,000. Or even 4,000. Actually, 400 readers and entries for my contest would be grand. Can you spare a few? :-)

  5. Corrine says:

    Wow Marion, that’s cool! And I read some of the comments. The nay-sayers sounded strangely like a relative of mine who told me in 1997 “The internet will not catch on.” and “People won’t be willing to shop at online stores.”

    I’m sure now he orders his pizza delivery online and checks his email 400 times a day. ;)

    I think it’s a great idea. You’ve ignited a debate!

  6. Candace Salima . . . the LDS Nora Roberts says:

    Matthew — interesting blog. What did you write about? 40,000! Wow, you need to celebrate, do something . . . anything! Well, of course, anything that is within legal, moral and ethical bounds . . . hmmmm.

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