On Writing…

Excellent article on writing. This guy covers it all. The pay, the work, the cold hard truth. Very good read.

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2 Responses to On Writing…

  1. Candace Salima (LDS Nora Roberts) says:

    Matthew, I just picked up one of your books. Looking forward to diving in.

    By the way, you are invited to join the LDS Blog Webring I set up. You may do by going to my blogspot, locating the webring on the righthand side of the page and clicking on Join. Hope to see you come aboard.

    Be sure to insert the code on your blogspot right after signing up or it halts the progression of the webring as people click on next.

  2. G. Parker says:

    I was just going to invite you too…lol come join us, Buckley…we need your humor!

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