The Utah OCW Alliance

The Utah OCW Alliance got a bit of press today! did a writeup about the Utah Alliance, in conjunction with our public launch this morning. You can read the article here

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3 Responses to The Utah OCW Alliance

  1. G. Parker says:

    Hey…wanted to ask you on this. ARe they making it possible to get a degree online through this? Or just take courses. I think it looks great, by the way. I’m taking the literature–creative writing class. grin.

  2. Matthew Buckley says:

    At USU, there is a link at the top that says, “want credit?”. You can click on that to see how you might get credit for the course, but there is currently no complete degree through OCW. However, I do know that different departments that offer online degrees.

  3. G. Parker says:

    Well, and after I left that note I noticed on the site that it said these courses were not offered for a diploma or certification…so I guess not. But the USU site does? I’ll look into that. Thanks!

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