Zombie Home Evening

Tonight was family night. We stayed home, played games, and had a treat. My son John got to pick the game. The other boys wanted to watch part of a movie, but he wanted to play freeze tag.

“It’s too cold to play freeze tag,” I said, chuckling at my own joke (I was the only one who found it humorous).

“No, we’ll play it downstairs,” John said, “In the basement. We can move the chairs.”

“The whole north wall is brick,” I said, “If we play freeze tag, somebody will crack open their skull.”

“Then we’ll play it in slow motion,” John replied. And he could not be swayed.

And so it went, that the entire family shuffled slowly around the basement, talking, screaming, and laughing in slow motion (slow and deep). I’m sure if anybody had peeked in our window, they would have been convinced that of a zombie outbreak. But it wasn’t. It was just the family, having a bit of fun, in a safe and orderly manner.

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3 Responses to Zombie Home Evening

  1. Mark Mo' Boy says:

    It would rock to be in your family. We’re so going to try this next FHE… I mean, ZHE…

  2. Josi says:

    You guys really ought to hire yourselves out–share the good times. I’d have just shut it down and settled for ice cream

  3. cheap essay papers says:

    you guys really rocks!! it's so rare to whole family spend their time as you all do. it's pretty good

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