Back into Running…

I’ve gotten back into running. I haven’t run since October or so. I quit because, well…I’m a sissy. I hate cold weather. I don’t want to run in it.

So why am I running now? Well, when you’re used to 80 degrees, and it drops down to 50, that is harsh. But when you’re used to -8 weather, and suddenly it’s 40–well, that is a heat wave. So three times a week, I’ve started running home. It’s been nice…kind of.

Monday I went running and it was exhilarating. It was below freezing, but I had a tuque, I had my tunes, and I tore through the neighborhood like a cheetah–a cheetah in a cage being pulled in a red wagon, but still–it was great. It felt good.

Compare that today. I forgot my tuque which wasn’t too bad, except for the fact that the wire on my iPhone iBuds freeze up, and when I bounce they come right out of my iEar iCanals. So I couldn’t listen to Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me. Instead all I heard was my lungs gasping for oxygen.

And then for some reason–and this gets a mite personal–my underwear was giving me a super-wedgie. I felt like I was a freshman in high school again (and a sophmore, and a junior). Every three steps I had to adjust my nether regions. All of this made me mad, and so I would run faster because the world is so unfair, and my running fast would teach the world a lesson, by golly. But actually all it did was make me more tired, and give me a wedgie–the likes of which have not been seen for a good decade. By the time I hit home, I was wiped.

I hope I have a better experience on Friday, or I may just take up parcheesi.

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4 Responses to Back into Running…

  1. Al says:

    Nice timing… back-to-back red air days and all. :) Take up smoking, it will be healthier for you!

  2. Callie says:

    That should teach you to run in winter! Though I’m glad you did, cause I’m laughing my head off right now!

  3. Suzanne says:

    Smile. :)

    You are awesome for running — red air days and all!

  4. Josi says:

    I had to buy some men’s running shorts with the internal underwear–there is nothing quite as uncomfortable than a super wedgie two miles from home when you feel like you’re going to puke. I haven’t braved the great outdoors for almost two months–and I hate the treadmill–but I admire your stamina.

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