It’s that time of year again…

It’s that time of year again. This may end up being a tradition on my blog. Some may see this as blasphemous, and it’s very possibly that this is nothing more than a joke. But part of me hopes that this version of the story behind the song is real. That there is some guy out there who ‘sang like nobody was listening’, threw caution to the wind, and created this Yuletide masterpiece. What it lacks in just about anything, it makes up for in guts and effort. Enjoy.

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2 Responses to It’s that time of year again…

  1. kurtusu says:

    I distinctly remember asking you to put me out of my misery the last time you played this at COSL. Now repressed memories are flooding back. Help, help, help!

  2. Josi says:

    an argument for the theory that desire alone is not good enough. Ouch. Where is my Beach Boys Christmas album?

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