Barnes & Noble & Self-Publishing

It appears that Barnes & Noble is about to enter the self-publishing world. This summer B&N will be launching PubIt, a service that will allow anybody to upload their work, convert it to the ePub format, and sell digital copies through B&N reader system.

This service is nothing new. Authors have been able to self-publish on Amazon and the Kindle for several years. However, the fact that B&N–the largest bookstore chain in America–is entering the self-publishing fray is significant.

B&N does offer bring something unique to the table. Each book will have a sample preview for customers outside the store. However, when you enter a B&N store, you’ll be able to preview the entire book.

With B&N entering the mix, this will likely prove to be good for both author and reader. Competition usually brings lower prices, both for the books themselves, as well as the hardware. Authors will benefits because there will be one more way to get their work in front of readers.

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