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I’ve come across probably the best writeup of what Google Editions is, and how it will affect the e-book market. I think perhaps most interesting is how Google Editions is courting the independent bookseller to assist them in making their own digital store. From the article:

“But now the American Booksellers Association, the trade association for the independents, has contracted with Google to be an e-book supplier and infrastructure back office. So far, 225 of the ABA’s 1,400 members have signed on to the program, and more surely will over time. Each of these stores will have their own website façade that will feature the full catalog of Google’s titles as well as features specific to the community being served. As Len Vlahos, chief operating officer of the ABA explained it to me: “For the first time, e-book buyers will be able to take full advantage of their local independents for the same reasons they always have: trust, knowledge and selection. . . . Now you can buy e-books from someone you love.””

Years ago the customer left the Mom and Pop shops for the better prices at the large chains. Will they now return and show support for the independents?

Most reports said that Google would launch in late June, or July. We’re almost through July, we’ll see if there is any more news this week.

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