New Kindle

On the same day that the Kindle sells out, Amazon announces the next-generation Kindle. And it’s significantly improved from the previous version.

The new kindle is lighter, faster, and smaller, all while being able to hold more books than the older version–up to 3500. It weighs in at 8.7 ounces, and uses the same e-ink technology as the Kindle 2, which has better contrast and crisper fonts. And while it’s 21 percent smaller, it has the same 6 inch screen.

Oh, and the battery life is improved as well–Amazon claims you can run it for a month on a single charge.

Perhaps most surprising is the price. The wi-fi only Kindle is priced at $139 ($10 cheaper than the nook), while the 3G version is $189.

So I’m curious, does the lower price and increased specs make this tempting for anybody? The Open Author may put in his order tonight, unless of course The Open Wife finds out.

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