More Reading?

A recent study is claiming that people who buy an e-reader end up reading more than they did before purchasing the device. In fact, 40% report they read more, 58% say they read about the same, leaving 2 percent saying they read less.

Amazon reports that people who buy kindle buy 3.3 times more books than before.

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  1. Karlene says:

    I have a Kindle, Nook & Sony. I like the Kindle much better than the other two. I definitely buy and read more books on the Kindle vs print books, due to price and ease of getting them.

    Example: 11:30 p.m., finish book one with a cliff-hanger. In less than a minute, I can start book 2 to see what happens. If I’m reading print, I have to wait till the next day—and I may or may not make it to the store or library right away. In fact, I may forget I want book 2 before I get around to buying it.

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