Kindle and iPad

When the iPad came out, a lot of folks said it was likely a Kindle killer. And who knows, maybe if Amazon hadn’t dropped the price of the Kindle to $139 it may have been. But more and more it’s looking like the iPad and the Kindle are two different devices.

An article over at MarketingProfs talks about how people find the iPad more ‘compelling’, in part because it does so many different things. There are tens of thousands of apps. How can you argue with so much variety?

But when it comes to just a dedicated e-reader, the Kindle appears to be king. And in fact, 16 percent of those surveyed had both an iPad and a Kindle. They use the iPad for games, video watching, surfing the web, but turn to the Kindle when they just want to read.

Both platforms appear to be doing well. We’ll see what happens in the long-term.

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