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The Kindle is still selling fast. It became available for about 2 days, and is now on back-order again.

I can’t help passing this post on. The nice think about J. A. Konrath is that he’s not polarizing.

Is the iPad coming out with a new bookstore service? This site seems to think so, and they think Apple will  dominate the market.

Lot of discussion around the price of e-books this week. J. A. Konrath kicked it off with this post. Moses Siregar does a great job of summarizing the buzz around the web.

One poll reports 1 in 10 now use an e-reader.

Can’t do that with a Kindle? Well, check this list first. Maybe you can.

Another Kindle ad that doesn’t take pot shots at Apple (at least not quite as directly).

It’s now officially Fall, and still no Google Books. What’s the hold up?

Looks like e-reader owners read more. Now the real question–causation or correlation?

You’ve probably heard this story but in case you haven’t, don’t read your Kindle while driving. It could get you fired. Oh yeah, and it could get you killed.

Kindle has apps. It’s only fitting that the first paid app is Scrabble.

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