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Interesting idea for a Website. You can search for any book and see the price on the Kindle, the iPad, and the Nook.  Check out the Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin. Quite a difference.

E-book sales continue to trend upward. No surprise there.

This website doesn’t look that impressive, but that’s because it’s built for the Kindle’s experimental browser. Very slick.

Kindle announces a “very special event” next week. Could it be the next generation Nook?

A while ago Amazon’s CEO said that iPads were for people who like to multi-task, and particularly those who play games. But the Kindle is for those who want to read. That doesn’t stop indie game developers from developing on the Kindle platform.

This list from 2007 points out ten reasons why the Kindle will fail.

Starbucks is looking to offer free e-books in their shops. People could read while they’re in the shop, and then the book disappears after they leave.

One author asks, “Why is Barnes & Noble even trying?

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