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A friend of mine pointed me to this announcement by Publishers Weekly. If you read the article fast, you’ll miss an important part. From the article:

Sterling Children’s Books will launch a new teen fiction imprint in January, called Splinter. The list will debut January 11 with the release of Tiger’s Curse, the first in a fantasy-romance saga by Colleen Houck, self-published before she signed with Sterling.

That’s right, Houck self-published her books first on Kindle, and now has a publisher who will be printing 250,000 hardback books along with an aggressive marketing campaign.

Her book captured the number one spot on Kindle’s children’s best-seller list for seven weeks.

Even as little as six months ago I got the vibe from some agents and publishers that self-publishing was the kiss of death. Self-published? Not interested. But how can you turn down a book that has such a positive response just by word of mouth?

Look for more deals like this in the near future.

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  1. Angela Fitzgerald says:

    I found your books on Audible. I listened to the first one and enjoyed it so much I bought the other two audios. The narrator is wonderful. I always listen to the books from Audible before buying them. My daughter even sat and listened to all three audios with me and that was a first. I can’t wait until Tiger’s Destiny comes out. Can u tell me how long before it will be at Audible or do you know when? I also wondered if you have ever listened to your audios narrated by Annular Boras? If you havnt you really should. I bought three of the books that you have written and as soon ad Tiger’s Destiny is out I will buy it. I have no reason to listen first before I buy the book. I will still listen to it anyway. Its very enjoyable. She’s by far the best narrator that I’ve ever heard before. I listen to tons of audios. I know you said you love to read so I thought I’d share a few authors you may enjoy. My favorite author is Kim Harrison. She has a website you should check out. Since listening to your books you’re very close to becoming my favorite author. II have put you second as favorite authors. I have a few more authors you may want to check out. Kim Harrison is the first, Laini Taylor,Ally Condie, Jennifer Estep, Richelle Mead, Ilona Andrews, and Rachel Vincent. I always go to Amazon but most of the time I stay on Audible and that’s where I found most of these authors. If you don’t know about Kim Harrison she also went by Dawn Cook. I had heard that there would be a movie of Tiger’s Curse, is that true? I hope so. I am hopeful they would make a movie but it would be awesome if they made a movie of each book. It would be even better than Twilight. I just wonder who you would get to play. Ren and Kishan. They’re hunks in the books so if they make a movie I hope they don’t change anything that’s in the books. I know often they want to change the story. Be strong, put your foot down and don’t let them change anything. Also, I thought I heard there would be a fifth book, Tiger’s Dream. Is that true and if so when do you think it will? I know I have rambled on and on. I hope you will email me back. I also hope you will be able to answer all my questions. I love your books. I especially love them in audio form. I have no idea where you found the narrator Annular Boras but she’s wonderful. I wouldn’t let anyone ever change your mind to get another narrator. I would use her for any book you write. Thank you so very much for entertaining me for hours and hours. With using Audible the longer the better. Thank you again. Your books are a delight. I love them and I’m spreading the word.

  2. Angela Fitzgerald says:

    Sorry but the narrator’s name is ANNIKA BORAS. I’m sorry I didn’t catch that when I wrote that

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