Gifting e-books

I’ve never tried to gift an e-book before, but apparently it wasn’t easy. I own a Kindle, and it’s quite easy to purchase a book and be reading it in just minutes, but apparently there wasn’t an easy way to give an Amazon e-book as a gift. Now it is. As long as a person has a valid e-mail address, they can receive an e-book.

Of course before you give an e-book as a gift, you should make sure the person on the receiving end is able to read it. With Kindle that is pretty easy. You can read it on a Kindle device, an iPad, Blackberry phones, iPhones, and Android phones. You can even just read it on your PC screen.

Of course, just like with any gift, you should make sure that the person wants what you’re giving them. We’ve had the ability to read electronic books for as long as we’ve had computers, but reading them at a desk isn’t very convenient.

If somebody already reads e-books, and uses the Kindle system, then this is a pretty sweet way to go. It’s also a pretty decent way for authors to share their books. For less than it costs to mail a physical novel, you can give your books away either as gifts, or as an advanced review copy.

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