Does the Kindle Pay For Itself?

Found a good article that talks about both sides of the argument that a Kindle can pay for itself. On the one hand this could technically be true. If you buy a lot of brand new hardback books, then the Kindle will eventually save you enough money to pay for itself, since e-books tend to be a few dollars cheaper than their printed cousins.

But several recent surveys have shown that those with e-book readers both read more, as well as buy more. So you might technically be saving money, but you’re also spending more as a result. So it’s kind of like when a spouse tells their partner that they should be happy because they’ve saved lots of money shopping. Technically true, but at the end of the day your wallet is pretty empty.

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2 Responses to Does the Kindle Pay For Itself?

  1. Trent says:

    The real question is by the time it pays for itself will you want a new one? (we can’t really live with that older model any more can we?) But maybe reading more is the real benefit.

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