New Writing/Running Songs

I’m always looking for new songs to run and write to. I find if I find a song works well for one activity, it usually works well for the other. Here are a few recent additions to my play list. I should note that I’m usually just listening to the song, not watching the video. Although I must admit, the video to this first one is pretty nifty. I need to learn to dance like this.

Lonely Boy – Black Keys

This next song has been getting a lot of radio time, but so far I haven’t grown weary of it. The song itself is upbeat, while the lyrics trend darker.

Pumped Up Kicks – Foster the People

And this song just demands that you crank up the volume, if only a little. The music video is not the official one. Somebody mashed up the song with scenes from the 1998 film, Pi. I’m still trying to figure that movie out.

Super Bon Bon – Soul Coughing

And finally, I’m really liking Neon Trees. They’ve got several songs I’ve added to my list, but for some reason, this one really does it for me.

Animal – Neon Trees

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  1. Great tunes! I LOVE The Black Keys! So great for writing action scenes ;)

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