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Seth Godin on E-books

I’ve followed Seth Godin for over a year. Often when I’m studying different topics, I like to find a person who really seems to ‘get it’. Often these types of people know their stuff, their predictions are usually spot on, … Continue reading

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Google Editions Update

This spring Google hinted at a book service called Google Editions. Word on the street was that it would come out in “June or July”. That of course didn’t happen. Now we’re hearing that Google Editions will launch sometime in autumn. … Continue reading

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Predictions Follow-up

Last week I posted my thoughts and predictions about the ultimate fate of print books. My friend and fellow author Elena wrote a comment to which I can’t help but reply. I encourage you to read her comment, but boiling her … Continue reading

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Author Interview – Wanda Shapiro

The great thing about writing a blog on a topic you love is the opportunity to meet other people passionate about the same topic. I recently met Wanda Shapiro—albeit virtually—and was impressed with how well she understands the changes coming to … Continue reading

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Boom or Bust?

With the rise of the e-book, there has been a lot of hand wringing around the demise of the print book (now sometimes referred to as the p-book, which makes the 8-year-old boy inside of me chuckle). I lost track … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to Literary Agents

Dear Literary Agents, E-books. That tiny hyphenated word is striking fear and glee into the hearts of publishers and authors around the world. People in the industry are scrambling to try to figure out how to adjust to the emerging … Continue reading

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Let the Fighting Begin

I blogged a few weeks ago about how the Wylie Agency was putting all e-book contracts on hold–kind of take a ‘wait and see’ approach. Well, now it looks like they’ve negotiated an exclusive distribution deal for 20 of their … Continue reading

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Rise of the E-books?

The Los Angeles Times and the New York Times are both reporting that Amazon is selling 80% more e-books than hardcover books. Jeff Bezos, CEO, says, “Astonishing when considering that we’ve been selling hardcover books for 15 years and Kindle … Continue reading

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New authors are finding out that it’s easy to self-publish with some of the latest and greatest technologies. And with the increase of e-book readers, there is a temptation to throw your book out there. However, there are a few … Continue reading

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There’s an App for That

Great article documenting one person’s path from digitally self-publishing his book, to landing a contract with a publisher. And it all started with a rejection letter from Steve Jobs.

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