Not a Followup

I found this article to be interesting. Dvorak is basically saying that the media is biased toward Macs because they all use Macs. And new things that come along with Windows are dismissed out of hand. While I’ve been told many times, by many people (including relatives, friends, co-workers, total strangers, aliens) that Mac’s are better, I just can’t make the switch. The German Language might be better, but I’m used to English. The Dvorak Keyboard (no relation to the columnist mentioned above) is supposed to be better, but you don’t see people fleeing qwerty in droves.

I’m quicker on a PC. It would take me months to figure things out on a Mac. So I’m sticking with it, despite what the Macmedia says.

That being said, when I get my new laptop, I am putting Linux on it.

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  1. Al says:

    Nice, which flavor of Linux are you going with? Better dual-boot if you still want to play CS ;)

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