E-books for Young Readers?

Random House just announced that they will be releasing all 6,234 books in the Magic Tree House series in e-book format. I’m interested in this for several reasons. First, I love to see the e-books movement progress in any shape or form. The more e-books we have, the more e-book readers will be bought, thus driving the sales of e-books, and benefiting authors and readers everywhere.

The second reason I’m interested in this move is because I write for the Middle Grade audience. I’d love to release my book in the e-book format but I have to wonder how many ten-year olds out there own a Kindle? Or how many of them have parents who are willing to let them borrow their e-reader? For selfish reasons I hope to the Magic Tree House eBooks do well. It means that I might very well have a market.

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  1. Karlene says:

    I’ve been wondering that too. A lot of younger kids have cell phones now. If you have the right kind of phone, you can read e-books on it. But you have to squint.

    Also, Sony’s got a Pocket Edition that’s $150, which puts it in the same range as the Nintendo DS Lite and other play systems that kids that age use. And the ebooks have got to be cheaper than the games, right?

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